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mina was created by Tami MacDonald.
Fashion is who i am… at the age of 10 I was watching Fashion Television and doing my own sketching. Since then every step I took was to further my passion for designing. High school was geared to getting into the college of my choice by taking every art class available. I graduated from the Seneca Fashion Design and Technique Program with high honours. During the summers I worked in a bridal salon, as a salesperson and doing alterations on gowns. This experience proved to be more influential than I could have imagined.
custom bridal dress designer

After graduation my need to travel took centre stage. So, when I was offered a job in a rural part of Zimbabwe, I went and spent over a year teaching sewing to girls in the village. Being in such an environment changed my entire outlook on life, as well as taught me to be truly thankful. When my contract was up in Africa I traveled on to Australia, during which time I sold my creations in the local markets and worked many different jobs including doing alterations, working retail, in deli's and even a banana factory. I moved on to the UK where I only stayed a few months but gained a huge knowledge of leather while working in a custom leather shop.

Upon moving back to Canada I was given a great job opportunity to work in a dress shop where the owner encouraged all aspects of my creativity. There we created costume type clothing -gothic and bridal wear. This is where my idea for mix & match bridal first developed. But it would be another ten years before launching mina. I took a side step in my career when a job at the Stratford Festival Theatre came up. With a huge interest in live theatre it was an opportunity I couldn't pass by. Working in jewelry, costume decorating and millinery (also, at the Grand Theatre in London), I gained skills that influenced all aspects of my design esthetic. mina is a concept that has taken over ten years to evolve to what it has become. I have worked in bridal off and on for two decades, doing everything from alterations to custom one-of-a-kind gowns. It has all been a journey to bring me to this point. My greatest sense of satisfaction comes in creating a custom gown. Being able to give a bride something unique and personal is a true joy, which is why this concept is so important to me. I love the idea of giving a greater number of brides the opportunity to create something unique and special to themselves.